Asbury United Methodist Church
Friday, September 18, 2020
Searching Inward Serving Outward Through Christ


Asbury Church began in 1886 when ninety-five members of William Street Methodist Episcopal Church, located in the central portion of Delaware, Ohio, agreed to establish a new congregation in the "northern part of the city" to provide more opportunities for the church's expanding congregation. The Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church was first recognized as a congregation on July 26, 1886 and the Rev. Louis Miller Albright was appointed as pastor. Arrangements were made with the First Baptist Church for the use of their building at 101 North Franklin Street for Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings. On Sunday, September 19, 1886, the first Asbury sermon was preached at that location. Among the founders was Professor Rollin H. Walker, well-known theologian and professor of Bible at Ohio Wesleyan University. The list of charter members, as of September 1886, can be found below:

Adams, Moses P. Byers, Ruth Chubb, Rollah
Adams, Elizabeth Carpenter, Rufus Chubb, Samuel
Banker, Gideon G. Carpenter, Elizabeth, Clason, Anna S.
Banker, Annetta Carpenter, Addie Cummings, Nellie
Beaver, Frances Carper, Mrs. P. M. Curren, Mary A.
Beaver, Nannie Carper, Elizabeth Dickinson, Joseph
Byers, L. Monroe Chubb, Mary C. Elliott, A. D.
Elliott, Sarah McCann, Joseph Plotner, Ella
Evans, Ida Norton McCann, M. R. Powell, T. E.
Galleher, W. J. McCann, Emma Powell, Eliza L.
Galleher, Eliza Mendenhall, John L. Powell, Edward
Galleher, Anna Mendenhall, Margaret Powell, Marie
Galleher, Leroy K. Morrison, Mary (Mrs.) Ramage, Cora
Galleher, Hattie H. Morrison, Anna Sampsell, N. S.
Gould, M. J. Miller, Merrill Sanborn, Anna
Grove, Joseph G. Miller, Sarah S. Schenk, M.E.
Grove, Joseph Miller, Jessie Thirkield, George B.
Grove, Edith Miller, Mary Thirkield, S. B.
Hipple, Jackson Moore, Frank E. Vanhouten, Sarah
Hipple, Susan Moore, Sarah Watson, Almeda
Hipple, Alice Moore, Margaret Walker, C. A.
Hipple, Daisy Moore, Kittie Walker, Rollin H.
Hipple, Harry Murphy, Melinda B. Watson, J.C.
Hough, Mary Nelson, E. T. Watson, Eliza
Hough, Benjamin Nelson, Jennie
Wendell, Solomon
Joy, Hattie Nelson, Cora Jean
Wendell, Mary
Jenkins, Martha Norton, Phoebe
Whitlock, Martha
Kerr, Lottie O'Kane, T. C.
Wolfley, J. L.
Larsh, Olive O'Kane, Laura E.
Wolfley, May
Long, William O'Kane, Wm. E.
Wood, Wm. H. H.
Loniegard, C. H. Paddock, Elmer J.
Wood, Margaret
Loofbourrow, B. F. Paddock, Eliza E.
Loofbourrow (unknown) Plotner, R. C. (Mrs.)