Asbury United Methodist Church
Monday, July 13, 2020
Searching Inward Serving Outward Through Christ

4-Ministers (1886 to Present)

Asbury United Methodist Church has been blessed with a long history of outstanding ministers. The complete list of our ministers up to the present and the dates of their service follow:
*Rev. Louis Miller Albright 1886 - 1889
Rev. Elias D. Whitlock 1889 - 1892
Rev. Richard Wallace 1892 - 1894
Rev. Melvin M. Figley 1894 - 1896
Rev. Albert D. Knapp 1896 - 1899
Rev. C. Telford Erickson 1899 - 1901
Rev. Friend I. Johnson 1901 - 1906
Rev. William Arter Wright 1906 - 1911
Rev. Stephen K. Mahon 1911 - 1916
Rev. Emmett W. Morton 1916 - 1918
Rev. E. A. Miller 1918 - 1920
Rev. Homer Willis Courtney 1920 - 1923
Rev. William E. W. Sellars 1923 - 1925
Rev. Otto Scott Steele 1925 - 1929
Rev. Stanley Mullen 1929 - 1935
Rev. John Richard Cheney 1935 - 1937
Rev. Arthur Hoverland 1937 - 1939
Rev. Ralph T. Alton 1939 - 1945
Rev. Harold Williams 1945 - 1948
Rev. Glen M. Warner 1948 - 1953
Rev. Thomas L. Cromwell 1953 - 1959
Rev. Harry Hull 1959 - 1963
Rev. Harry Bright 1963 - 1966
Rev. Thomas S. Taylor 1966 - 1973
Rev. David P. Lyons 1973 - 1988
Rev. Thomas Snyder 1988 - 1992
Dr. Alan Kimber 1992 - 1997
Dr. Warren Campbell-Gaston 1997 - 2003
Rev. Benita Rollins 2003 - 2007
Rev. Philip N. Wilden 2007 -

* Louis M. Albright's devotion to his church stands as an example of dedicated pastors of his time. Louis Albright graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1862 and from which university he was later awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree. Soon after his graduation he became a Methodist Circuit Rider in Western Ohio for 21 years. He was later a professor in the OWU Female College, president of Lewis College in Glasgow, Missouri and President of the DePauw Female College in New Albany, Indiana and served one year as an agent of Ohio Northern University. One of his ancestors was the Rev. Jacob Albright, a founder of the Evangelical Church and who, in is younger years, was a traveling companion of Bishop Francis Asbury.
"Asbury church, Delaware, will always stand a monument to his ministry. In 1886 he was sent to Delaware to organize this society and to build for its ninety-five charter members a house of worship. In the three years of his pastoral term the membership increased to more than three hundred… [For the building], he secured in subscriptions and cash donations of thirty thousand dollars and brought the new and beautiful structure to occupancy and well-nigh completion when he was appointed to the Delaware District."
[Information for the above two paragraphs is from Albright's obituary published in the "Minutes of the Central Ohio Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 49th session".]
The story of Louis M. Albright's life is not complete without mentioning the dedication and talents of his wife, Eliza Downing Albright. While he was a professor and/or president at several colleges, she taught mathematics. She was a district secretary and lecturer for the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. Church and for over 30 years was active in the Woman's Home Missionary Society, delivering addresses in nearly every State in the Union to support the work of the society. [Abstracted from her obituary in the Minutes of the West Ohio Conference 13th Session, Lima, Ohio, 1925.]