Asbury United Methodist Church
Friday, September 18, 2020
Searching Inward Serving Outward Through Christ

5-Outreach (Local and Beyond)

Asbury has been involved in the local and greater community in numerous ways with its committees or individual members being responsible for, or highly involved with Meals on Wheels, Andrews House, Global Village, The Liberty Community Children's Center, Delaware Recycling Center, Community Gardens (near where Dempsey Middle School is now located) and People in Need (which was originally known as the Food Pantry, and housed at Asbury). Asbury has provided encouragement and support in America for several refugee families displaced by war in their homelands of Indonesia, China, Burma, Vietnam, and the Middle East. These few examples are a small summary of numerous very active outreach projects at Asbury over its long history.
In the early part of the 20th century, Asbury was known as a missionary church because more than 50 missionaries had gone out from its membership to Albania, India, China, Japan, Korea, Burma, Philippines, Africa, Mexico, and South America.
As examples of the outreach and service to the larger church and community of our members from the first quarter-century of Asbury's history, the following information (supplemented with more recently discovered information) was published in the Sunday Bulletin, June 22, 1958, on the 70th Anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of our building:
It is difficult to single out people and undoubtedly we are leaving out many who have made outstanding contributions, but at least there is no question that the individuals named below have been a great blessing to their community, their world, and their Church. The date provided is the date that they joined Asbury.
Isabella Thoburn, September 19, 1886
  • First Methodist woman missionary to India;
  • Founded the first women's college in Asia
Mabel Cratty, September 19, 1886
  • General Secretary (chief administrative officer) of the YWCA, 1906-1928
Bishop Ralph Ward, September 24, 1899
  • Formosa area of the Methodist Church
Kathryn Sisson Phillips, March 3, 1901
  • Dean of Women at OWU; with her husband, donor of Phillips Hall at OWU
Bishop Charles W. Brashares, June 1, 1902
  • Chicago area of the Methodist Church
Dr. Ernest Fremont Tittle, October 8, 1903
  • Pastor, First Methodist Church, Evanston, Illinois
Bishop G. Carlton Lacy, October 22, 1903
  • Minister and Bishop in China
Dr. Ralph W. Sockman, December 13, 1908
  • President, Epworth League, 1909
  • Noted Methodist leader and orator
  • Pastor, Christ Methodist Church, New York City
Dr. Karl Meister, January 1916
  • General Secretary, Methodist Board of Hospitals and Homes
Senator Frank B. Willis, April 7, 1918
  • U.S. Senator and Governor of Ohio